Legionella Management System - Copper Silver Ionization

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NECON is a German leading manufacturer of copper silver ionization systems (legionella management system) and a leading supplier in the field of chemical-free water disinfection and innovative filtration technology.

- Electro physical water treatment that is redefined, ready for production and patented
- Water treatment without chlorine and chemicals
- Alternative to chemical methods of water disinfection
- Chlorine-free water purification operates by the method of water ionization
- Copper and silver ions eliminate bacteria, microbes and algae

The result is the purified pool water conforming to the quality of potable water. 100% chlorine-free and 100% chemical-free.

Application areas include:

- Swimming pools
- Domestic water
- Cooling water systems
- Firefighting water tanks
- Plant strengthening


- Automatic control panel
- Metal Cast, Stainless Steel 316, or plastic chambers
- Available in BMS connections