Water Treatment Chemicals

Integrated Engineering Solutions

Corodex concentrates on the improvement of water quality by means of filtration through granular filter media.

CorodexFilter Media

A complete range of filter media is available for different raw water types:

- Inert filter media for filtration of suspended solids
- Inorganic Filter Media for ion exchange and absorption

AKZO - Salt

Efficiency of water softening solutions depends largely on the quality of the salt used. Compacted salt is necessary to produce a brine solution for regenerating the ion exchanger, which forms the heart of the softener.

Corodex AKZO - Salt

AKZO NOBEL is one of the world’s leading salt specialists supplying high quality products for applications in:

- Food processing
- Residential requirements
- Water softening
- Agriculture
- Oil field applications

Ion Exchange Resin - PUROLITE

Corodex Purolite Resin

Purolite’s complete product line for ion exchange offers:

- Gels
- Macroporous
- Acrylics
- Fine Mesh Nuclear
- Chelation Resins

Integrated Engineering Solutions

CABOT NORIT is a global leader in the research, development, manufacturing and sale of high-grade activated carbon used in a growing range of environmental, health, safety and industrial applications. Activated carbon is used for the purification of a wide range of substances in all kinds of industries.


CorodexExtruded Activated Carbon
CorodexPowdered Activated Carbon
CorodexGranular Activated Carbon

NORIT offers:

- 150 different types of products to match any conceivable application
- Activated carbon reactivation
- Carbon change out services
- Granular and powdered carbon systems and equipment

Serving a wide range of industries such as:

- Gas & Air Treatment / Odor Control
- Catalyst
- Mining
- Industrial Petro Chemical SND
- O.R.L & C.R.S
- Food and Beverage
- Oil & Gas
- Pharmaceutical
- Potable Water
- Chemical
- Wastewater
- Aquarium

Corodex Wasrewater
Corodex Aquarium
Corodex Oil & Gas
Integrated Engineering Solutions

SNF FLOERGER is today’s leading producer of flocculants for water treatment with unrivalled expertise in the field of flocculants.

Flocculants clarify water by combining with suspended solids, in such a way as to enable these particles to be separated quickly and easily from the water.

SNF Superabsorbents: Absorbs to more than 500 times its weight, in the case of super absorbents for agricultural applications.

SNF Thickeners: Thickeners alter the viscosity and texture of products and used in: shampoos, creams, cosmetics, textile industry and enhanced oil recovery.

SNF also offers:

- Coagulants
- Dispersants
- Deodorants
- Bleaching agents
- Antifoaming agents
- Oil absorbents