Odor Treatment Solutions

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Yara is a leading chemical company that converts energy and nitrogen from the air into essential products for farmers and industrial customers.

CorodexNutriox Dosing System
CorodexFull service odor control Nutriox provides a comprehensive package of services to ensure lasting protection

The Nutriox process:

- Treatment process assuring protection and optimal dosing

Analysing your system:

- Initial on-site problem assessments
- Specific dosing and control strategy is established

Setting up a trial phase:

- Pre-dose monitoring phase
- Trial equipment installed to determine the right amount of solution
- Efficiency of the trials monitored by Yara H2S experts

Selecting optimal equipment:

- Equipment best suited for your installation

Monitoring the process:

- A blend that corresponds to your needs is automatically injected where and when it is required, together with the right quantity of specific bacteria
- IDA controller will be linked to our web based eNutriox data viewing service to monitor dosage from a distance and check the results at any time

Sustained prevention:

- Nutriox creates perfect conditions enhancing nitrate reducing bacteria population and depressing Sulphate reducing bacteria thus preventing septic conditions
- Your monitoring record will demonstrate the absence of H2S, whilst in the previously undosed period there were high levels of H2S in solution

Continuous evaluation and optimisation:

- Our experts are regularly present by your side to ensure that all of the Nutriox system is running smoothly